Learn how to draw interesting visualizations using advanced Tableau techniques.

Creating Squared Spiral Column Charts in Tableau

Two weeks ago, we released our Spiral Column Chart Tutorial in Tableau using the Line Mark Type. In this tutorial, we are going to create a Squared version using...

Video: Tableau with Music / Curve Bar Charts

Tableau with Music / Curved Bar Chart. This awesome variation of a Bar Chart leverages Data Densification and Table Calculations to create this awesome effect over the Sample Superstore...

Creating a Single Level Dendrogram in Tableau

My initial name for this tutorial was the Orgasmatron (head massager company name out of Australia), the name is fun, strange as hell but we have to have some...

Creating Spiral Column Charts in Tableau

This is something that I have been wanting to create for a while, but alas, I put this on my backlog until I could figure it out. As such,...

Creating Square Bump Charts in Tableau

A tutorial that was requested by one of my students on Udemy, this is a variation of the bump charts that you may be used to seeing, but also...

Tableau QT: Half-Circle Timelines

This is a tutorial that has been requested a few times, so as a quick tip, we are going to walk through the creation of a Half-Circle Timeline in...

Creating Gradient Backgrounds in Tableau

When I created my Cryptocurrency Dashboard, I decided to have some fun with gradient backgrounds. When combined with animations, this creates a very cool effect, so here you go,...

Creating Radial Jitter Bar Charts in Tableau

I created this a while ago, and only now have had a chance to write a tutorial on creating Radial Jitter Bar Charts. Truth be told, I spent time...

Creating a Gradient Pie in Tableau

Welcome back everyone. This is going to be a very exciting 2020 for Tableau Magic, and we truly hope you come along with us for the ride. To start...

Shaped Bar Charts (3D) in Tableau

We previously had an article about creating Shaped Bar Charts in Tableau; in that previous tutorial, we used data densification to create a different look and feel for our...


Color Your Viz

"Colors are perhaps the visual property that people most often misuse in visualisation without being aware of it“. Robert Kosara, Senior Research Scientist...

INDEX() Table Calculation

Tableau Desktop Quiz


Drawing Orbit Charts in Tableau

Since releasing our popular Satellite Chart Tutorial, see Drawing Satellite Charts and Variations in Tableau, I have received numerous request for help...

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