TAB102 / Installing and Exploring Tableau

In this tutorial, we will install the 14-day trial for Tableau Desktop, walk through the User Interface, and build our first dashboard. This might sound like a lot of...

TAB114 / Level of Details (LOD)

In the final tutorial in this introductory series, we will cover Level of Detail (LOD) expressions, the types of LOD expressions, and how to leverage them within your worksheets.

TAB104 / Building Worksheets

In the fourth part of our introduction to Tableau Series, we are going to look at the main building block within Tableau, the worksheet. To do this, we are...


INDEX() Table Calculation

The INDEX() function returns the index of the current row in the partition, without any sorting with regard to value. The first-row...

2,000+ Tableau Icons

Radial Bar Chart Tutorial

Single Level Sankey Diagram


Tableau Server Quiz / 1

Our Tableau quizzes have been designed to help you test your learning as well as to be fun. Each question will also...

B25. Preparing your Data

Petal Charts in Tableau

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