Requested from a student, here is a Tableau Quick Tip (QT) on creating a Bar Chart with a floating icons. So in 5 minutes or less, we are going to build this cool data visualisation.


Let us start by loading the following data in Tableau Desktop / Public.

Social Platform,Monthly Actives


Download the following file and unzip this to you My Tableau Repository.

Note: You can read more about using custom shapes in Tableau in the following article:

Calculated Fields

Create the following Calculated Fields:


SUM([Monthly Actives])+(WINDOW_MAX(SUM([Monthly Actives]))/5)

Note: this calculation appends an extract amount of distance to the monthly sales value, this is because we want the logo to sit above the bars, but by a constant amount, so we take the maximum value in the data visualisation.

and that is it, let us now build our worksheet.


We will now create our worksheet:

  • Drag Social Platform onto Columns.
  • Drag Monthly Actives onto Rows.
  • Drag Logo onto Rows.
    • Right-click on this object and select Dual Axis.
    • Right-click on the Logo Axis Header and select Synchronize Axis.
  • In the SUM(Monthly Actives) Mark Panel.
    • Change the Mark Type to Bar.
  • In the Logo Marks Panel.
    • Change the Mark Type to Shape.
    • Drag Social Platforms onto the Shape Mark.
  • in the All Marks Panel.
    • Drag Social Platform onto the Color Mark.

If all goes well, you should see something like the following:

Now we will adjust the cosmetics:

  • Hide the Axis Headers
  • Hide the Grid Lines
  • Adjust the Sizes
  • Apply the Shapes
  • Add a Label
  • Add a Tooltip
  • Add a sort order

I also want you to apply the following Colors to the social platform.

  • Facebook: #3b5998
  • YouTube: #ff0000
  • WhatsApp: #25d366
  • Instagram: #c32aa3
  • Reddit: #ff4500
  • Twitter: #1da1f2
  • LinkedIn: #007bb5
  • SnapChat: #fffc00
  • Pinterests: #bd081c

Note: Click on the Color mark, then double-click on the Social Platform to allow you to enter in the custom Color.

You should hopefully have the following:

and boom, we are done. We have created our Bar Chart with Floating Icons in Tableau. You can find my data visualisation Tableau Public at!/vizhome/BarChartwithFloatingIcons/BarChartwithFlotingIcons


I hope you all enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Do let me know if you experienced any issues recreating this Visualisation, and as always, please leave a comment below or reach out to me on Twitter @Tableau_Magic.

If you want to learn more about Creating Bespoke Data Visualisations in Tableau, do check out our course on Udemy at


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